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This is where you will discover that you can have just what you want without paying those high prices that others
may charge you.

Legal Documents...
  Having someone write a contract that is personalized for you can be very expensive and time consuming. Let me take the worry out of it,
and make you a document ready for the courts.
Most one page documents as little as $15.00.
Each additional page within the same document is $10.00
There is a 5% discount on documents containg 5 to 10 pages. A discount of 10% for 11 to 20  pages and a 15% discount for 21 pages and up.
 So unless you have a lawyer on retainer, you can't go wrong with having Magic Pen do the work for you.

Personal Writtings
 My words are very special to me. I find my greatest pleasure when I can share my writting with others. This is why I find it impossible to charge any more then .05(five cents) for each word I write. This means you could get a 500 hundred word letter for $25.00.
When was the last time you sent your sweetie a 500 word letter? Or your mother a specialized greeting just from you?At these prices, you can't afford not to. And just to add to the great deal, none of my personal letters are copywrited. So that means only your name will appear on it.
Now that is truly the best deal you will find anywhere. So let Magic Pen be your hero and write that special someone something special.

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