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A look into what I offer
When you can't think of what to say, you run to the local drug store, go through endless cards to find the one you think will convey your feelings and hope that 'your' message comes through. It's rare to find a single card which not only has the perfect words but the ultimate graphics to say and show what you feel. And how many times have you found a D/s contract? Let alone one that has Y/your names, emblem and so on.
I can offer you what store bought cards can't. I can create the perfect way to express yourself. Wheather you are needing a special card, a letter like none other or a D/s contract you will want to frame, I can make it a unique one of a kind. And I can do it at a price you won't find anywhere else.
So  if your going to put your hard earned cash into buying words, why not ask a professional writer who can give you something priceless.


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