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Special Thanks
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This page is Dedicated to
Mellisa Bently

Flying Geese

Thank you for helping me be all that I can, in whole and in part. Thank you for introducing me to someone I needed to meet years ago, my inner child. For all that you do for me and for others, I salute you Melissa! You are truly a guiding spirit in my life. Without your
help, I never would have known the true meaning
behind the poem, "Don't Quit".


Anything can happen.
Bend, don't break.
Challenge your potential.
Destiny is a choice.
Effort creates opportunities.
Follow your intuition.
Get back up and try again.
Hold on to your vision.
Impress yourself.
Just dig a little deeper.
Keep knocking on doors.
Learn from mistakes.
Motivate with compassion.
Nothing worthwhile comes easy.
Own a positive attitude.
Problems hold messages.
Question what's not working.
Regroup when you need to.
Stand up for your principles.
Think outside the box.
Unite perseverance with resolve.
Value knowing when to walk away.
Work smarter, not just harder.
Xhaust all possibilities.
You can, if you think you can.
Zzzz's, take naps as needed.

Red Rose, Growing

Thank you for helping me grow!!!
Corrina Lee Smith